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Big Bedtime Read

What is “Big Bedtime Read?”

“Big Bedtime Read” focuses on developing parents' understanding of the importance of reading to young children, building not only a love of language and foundation for future learning, but also strengthening bonds between parent and child.

 At nursery we invest a lot of time in developing a love of stories, and rhymes and on introducing children to a range of topics in information books. Staff skilfully develop children's concept of print throughout the day incorporating text into different areas of learning.

 While many parents already read to their children every night, enjoying that special time at the end of a busy day, other families do not have this as part of their bedtime routine.

 Through Big Bedtime Read, it is hoped that all parents can recognise how sharing a book together in a relaxed and enjoyable way lays the foundations for a life-long love of reading. As parent and child snuggle up together and enjoy exploring other worlds in the pages of book, they share thoughts and emotions, communicating with each other in special way.

We know that children love familiar routine, and building in this special time together towards the end of a busy day is immensely valuable.

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